i’m a huge tv snob but i can say with 100% honesty that when it comes to visceral moments of joy/surprise/anger/sadness/etc. rasslin is on par with the very best of television. like sure it’s not heavy or complex but the roller coaster that was undertaker losing and then bryan winning at mania 30 was just as intense as anything, say, game of thrones has done.



i want to point out that no one is calling zeb saying ‘pretty girls’ sexist. we’re calling the ‘father/son out fishing and mother/daughter learning to cook’ thing sexist, and the fact that some people didn’t actually cotton onto that is all the more hilarious and point proving.


it’s not like he said that’s the required american life

he was just saying that it’s a unique slice of americana

which it is

the boys going out and catching the fish that the girls then prepare

valuing that doesn’t make you sexist, thinking of it as a requirement does

i took it as more a reference to early america when that sort of separation that resulted in women staying home was a necessity ‘cause dudes are more expendable in dangerous climates but whatevs

Anonymous asked:

D-Bry is out for the rest of the year, he ain't showing up tonight.

i wasn’t saying that he was, i was just saying that as much as i like this angle i don’t think it’s end-of-show material for the rest of the crowd